A Few of My Favorite Things

A Few of My Favorite Things

Hi, friends! Don’t you love hearing about the things people love? I know I do so, here to share MY current favorite things with you!

First up, skincare:

Let me just say, I have the most high-maintenance skin you can imagine. Too dry – breaks out. Too oily – breaks out. Below 50 degrees – breaks out. Leap year – breaks out. You get the idea. So, when I say I’ve tried ev.er.e.thing. I mean, everything. Finally, these two crazy girls

(and go ahead and zoom in on their skin…I know, right. Flawless!)

introduced me to the world’s greatest aesthetician who in turn, introduced me to this…

Jan Marini (*angels singing*) and microdermabrasions #obsessed

Annnnnd this thing – it’s called a Dew Puff, and it’s absolutely magical. You 100% need one in your life.

I’m also loving this app.

Clearly, not sure that it’s working but…

Basically, go to bed earlier, Niki, is what it’s telling me.

Next up…what I do! I love MY TEAM and what I get to do everyday! These people are some of the best, most purpose-driven, hard-working, talented and loving people you will ever know and your life will be better with them in it. End of story.

Let’s talk fitness favorite…

Oh, Orange Theory, how I love you.

This is the most accurate picture of Coach Tyson 😂! Kidding BUT, he is one of the best trainers there is, understands the mechanics of our athletes and what makes them tick and will push you to the limits! #RickRossStyle

Coach Jackie! One of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet and sister know her stuff when it comes to fit’ness!

Coach Michelle – I’m sure the legend precedes herself hah! She teaches the 5am and 6:15am classes and she’s just one of those women whose energy can change a room! If you’re in her classes – good luck slacking lol!

Coach Laura is one of the most joyful women I’ve ever met! She has a joy that comes from deep down and you cannot be anything but smiling when she’s around! Even if she is kickin’ your butt on the treads…which she will. Don’t let that sweet smile fool you hah!

Whit! Love this girl. She has dreams bigger than you can imagine, an insane work ethic (she’s up at legit 3:30am every day) I have never once heard her complain and she’s pretty much amazing on all fronts. And check out that bod. #areyoukiddingme #heryoungestjustturned2 #iknow

Coach Jenny – She’s one of the most mentally (and physically, let’s be real) tough women I’ve ever met. She’s always encouraging and she makes it her #1 priority to bring out the best in everyone around her. She’s one-of-a-kind, that’s for sure!

Coach Tara – sure, looking at her she seems sweet but, just wait till she busts out some moves. Put’s this #whitegirl to shame!

And last but, certainly not least – Tay! The glue that holds us all together! Sister of Whitney and apparently hard work runs in the fam! Not sure where we’d be without the help and amazingness of this girl!

So, if you’re within 60 min of the #812 area code. Join OTF.
In any given class you may question your life choices and wonder if you have all your affairs in order.
…and then immediately book your next class. #dontask #wearealladdicted



Yes, ok, moving on!

So obviously all these guys are my ABSOLUTE favorite!
Punta De Mita, MX | June 2017

And on to this guy in cooler climates…Antarctica!

<insert me here>

Notice I’m missing from the pictures. I’ll take the beach #thankyouverymuch

And this guy…because how cute is he?! And who doesn’t love penguins?


Kinda love doing life with him alot ❤


and what would life be like without these little turkeys!


These passport photos are my favorite of all time 😂



And last but, not least…


Green. smoothies. And basically all things vegetables. I’ve cut meat, eggs and a few other things out and I’m loving life.

More on this later because, it’s amazing.


Have a great Monday, friends! Let me know in the comments what YOU are loving!

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  1. Angie says:

    Loved reading this Niki. You’re an inspiration to us all, you’re a great leader, awesome coach. I’m sure you’re just as much of a wonderful mother as you are a great wife.

  2. Val says:

    Really enjoyed starting my day to reading this…Niki, I am so grateful our paths have crossed. You are such a light in my life. 😘

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