About Me.

Niki Riat Lifestyle Blog

Hey hey! I’m Niki Riat, an introvert often mistaken as an extrovert, a proud working mom of three boys and I have a much-cooler-than-I-am husband. I read books like it’s my job, love fitness and could easily take home the winning trophy for Worst Cook in America.

We’re all seeking “balance”, right? Girl, stop. There’s no such thing. I gave up on balance a long time ago and have since learned how to practice rest and find The Peace in the middle of chaos!

I started this blog after a particularly challenging couple of years where no matter if I was standing in my kitchen, sitting at my desk, or trying to get my kids to bed, I’d say, “Ahhhhh, if someone would just tell me how to do this, that would be greaaaaat!!”

I wanted someone to tell me how to get healthy food on the table each night, make time for workouts, run my business instead of it running me, and for the love of all things holy, get my kids to bed by 8pm and stay in their own beds!! Oh…and have a hot marriage. (Sorry, honey. See, I told you guys he was cooler than I am. He would’ve put having a hot marriage first…)

So, I’m all about trying to figure out how to live the best life possible, doing better each day, finding rest and the joy in the chaos that is being a working mom…or stay at home mom…or not even a mom, just a woman in today’s world! Lord have mercy, #queenin ain’t easy!

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